Levator Scapula Muscle Location


Levator Scapula Referred Pain Patterns

The Levator Scapula muscle’s main function is to raise the shoulder blade.  Stress and tension keep the shoulders raised, creating increased tension on this muscle.  Poor posture can also be a factor.

When Trigger Points are evident in this muscle, it can be very painful.  This muscle is typically involved when you find yourself unable to turn your head.  In this case, the direction which you cannot turn is the side that of the problematic Trigger Point.  Using the Pressure Pointer to treat the Trigger Points can help restore full movement.

Trigger Points in this muscle also create pain and stiffness along the neck and the edge of the shoulder blade.

Levator Scapula  Stretch

Sit on chair.  Grasp seat of chair with right hand.
Place left hand on head and gently pull forward and to the opposite side at the same time, until a stretch is felt.
Hold for 10-15 seconds.
Repeat for other side.
Repeat cycle three times, at least three times daily.



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